How  was Mekané born?

In 2012, a team of professional people in international cooperation and development planning , started to cultivate the idea that skills, knowledge and abilities gained  by each one through their professional career, could yield better if put together, directing them to support enterprises in non-profit area in Italy and abroad. The main idea was to create a workspace that, free from the logic of competition, could provide high quality consulting services to those who requested them.


 Why Mekané?

In classical Greek tragedies was often used the expression "ἀπὸ μηχανὴς θεός" that means “divinity (coming down) from the machine ". This expression, translated in Latin as “deus ex machina”, indicates, by extension, who or what solves unexpectedly a story or an intricate problem. This is what we want to be for those you entrust  us.


Whom we address to:

Mekané offers consulting services to:

  • Non-profit organizations (NGOs, foundations, associations) interested in the outsourcing of some services, from project design to reporting, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising activities;
  • Training organization, in particular universities, and local authorities interested in developing new training courses through innovative and alternatives methodologies.
  • Companies and enterprises (especially SMEs), oriented towards internationalization, new contexts and countries for their business and for new partnership in emerging areas of the world


What we do?

We are able to provide advice on the design and implementation of all phases of the project cycle, feasibility studies for the internationalization of enterprises, research of partners in Italy and abroad, studies and assessments, personalized services from time to time tailored to customer needs, providing a wide network of international and diversified expertise.

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