Mission & vision

Our Mission is to use the professional experience gained by the team, providing consulting services for innovative work, both in Italy and abroad, in activities that generate economic, social and cultural development paying particular attention to social and environmental sustainability



Our Vision is :

  • to promote a business model that values ​​the sharing of experiences and collaboration among  professionals;
  • carry out activities based on a multicultural approach and equitable relationships, in the full respect of human rights and environmental sustainability
  • apply this process in all areas in which we work, from the implementation of projects to the activation of networks and partnerships and to the internationalization of business.



Our objectives:

  1. Provide services, training and tools to non-profit and profit organization related to development cooperation, social solidarity, corporate responsibility, internationalization and promotion of human rights.
  2. Promote entrepreneurship and development activities through the creation of networks and partnerships that encourage multicultural, sustainable and ethical approaches.
  3. Spread the education to development and to worldwide vision to promote peaceful coexistence and solidarity among people, promote intercultural awareness,  fight against economic inequality and gender, empowerment and human development



Our values:

We believe in our work, not only as a source of income, but as a qualifying element of life. For us, work is passion, construction, growth.

We believe in the exchange of skills and learning that comes from cooperation and mutual exchange, sharing each other expertise and knowledge.

We believe in building relationships  characterized by honesty, transparency and mutual respect.

We are committed to the efficient use of resources by working to prevent waste and inefficiency.

We believe that  equitable and sustainable development  is the only possible way to ensure equal rights and dignity for all.

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